Video Gateway

Video Return

Video Return - The LiveU Video Return server is capable of sending return feeds to LU600 transmitters for teleprompter or confidence feed applications.

Chameleon Processor

Processor - A highly configurable channel processor that can receive and transmit in a multitude of interfaces and formats.

InfinityLink ILC156

The ILC156 is a six-channel TDM multiplexer for transporting uncompressed and compressed video over dark fibre or managed optical networks, such as ROADM and OTN. Users can mix and match SD-SDI, ASI, HD-SDI, or 3G-SDI services into a single 10.7 Gb/s optical transport stream.

The ILC156 is a cost-effective and power-efficient module for transporting up to six HD-SDI or three 3G-SDI digital video services over a single optical wavelength, saving fibre cost and simplifying network design and deployment. Using time division multiplexing (TDM), each channel is assigned a fixed time-slot, eliminating complex configurations. Six independent, mixed format video signals are aggregated to a single wavelength, and two time slots can be combined to carry 3G-SDI.

The ILC156 supports links in excess of 80 km using hot-swappable 10G XFP transceivers in WDM, CWDM, and DWDM wavelengths. Installing a ILC156 repeater between the link source and destination extends the range of a link. Up to 240 uncompressed HD channels are possible over a single fibre. For additional flexibility, the ILC156 can also be used as a transport aggregator for Artel’s ILC274 four-channel TDM module.

With its format flexibility, easy configuration and competitive price, the ILC156 is an ideal solution for fibre-constrained, multi-service video transport applications.

--> Video Gateway - ILC156 is a six-channel TDM multiplexer for transporting uncompressed and compressed video over dark fibre or managed optical networks.

InfinityLink ILC450

Video Gateway - The ILC450 utilises SMPTE 2022-1/2 or 5/6 Video-Over-IP Standards for transport of HD/SD-SDI, ASI video and includes a Gig-E IP interface to bridge IP data over the 10 Gig Ethernet IP interface.

Smart Gate

Video Gateway - SmartGate is a state-of-the-art of satellite modulator dedicated to IP applications over satellite.

DigiLink DLC410

IP Gateway - The DLC410 Video Over IP Gateway greatly expands the DigiLink video platform capabilities to include SMPTE standards-based Video-Over-IP transport for both DVB-ASI and SD-SDI formats.

SMART 2022

Video Gateway - The SMART Media Delivery Platform™ is a four-channel auto-sensing 3G/HD/SD-SDI-over-IP multifunction gateway with an integrated nonblocking layer 2/3 switch

DVP Software

Error Correction Gateway Software - DVP is a software-based product offering and can be purchased as a virtual machine or as a self-contained appliance.


Server - The LU2000 is the receiving hub for all broadcast LiveU devices. It accepts feed from any broadcast LiveU device and is CDN broadcast capable.


Signal Processor - The Chameleon module GN HWUW2 covers nearly all functions for cable TV and SMATV.

GT 32 W

Video Gateway - The GT32W module allows you to add up to 4 ASI streams input or output per module to your network.

DVP Appliance

Error Correction Gateway - DVP overcomes the inherent limitations of IP networks, eliminating jitter and ensures 100% recovery of lost packets with minimum bandwidth overhead.
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