Thailand cave rescue: when the world couldn’t stop watching

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The latest in live video technology did more than keep people informed; it helped bring the world together for a common goal

Few events have kept the world as transfixed as that of the harrowing rescue of 12 Thai boys and their football coach trapped deep in a complex underground cave system at risk of filling completely with water. People everywhere came together in their desire to see the boys saved as quickly as possible. It was as if everyone watching believed their combined strength of will was needed to ensure a positive outcome for the boys and their rescuers.

We see breaking news almost every day, but this was different. It was a story almost everyone could associate with personally in some way. Maybe it was because we can see ourselves as teenagers seeking an adventure with friends, or because as family members we understand completely the sense of helplessness, or because we have our own fears of being similarly trapped. Whatever the reasons, people everywhere wanted to know the latest status of the rescue every minute it was underway.

At Garland, we work with journalists and broadcasters around the world looking to provide the fastest, most in-depth and highest quality coverage of stories such as this. This kind of story highlights their need to be ready to go anywhere at any time, including places that are remote, crowded, or often without readily accessible communication infrastructures. In Thailand, hundreds of journalists descended on a small village in the north of the country where the rescue took place, and so the latest technology played an essential role in getting their stories out live.

Many of the journalists and broadcasters we work with use LiveU patented bonding and video transport technology to provide live video streaming through any camera for TV, mobile, online and social media, and this was the case with much of the Thailand rescue coverage. LiveU’s solutions let audiences become part of the story with high-quality and flawless live video, transmitted from anywhere in the world. LiveU creates a consistent bandwidth and a reliable connection so they can acquire, manage and distribute high-quality remote live broadcasts.

Globo TV, South America’s largest commercial TV network, used two LiveU units in Thailand. Their coverage was of so up-to-the-minute that it prompted TV columnist Flavio Ricco, who is unrelated to Globo, to remark: “In all live shots of Globo and Globonews during the coverage of the rescues in Thailand, on the other side of the world, the delay didn’t bother us. It virtually didn’t exist.”

Ultimately, it’s imperative that the technology behind the coverage of such events be invisible to viewers. They want their viewing to be uninterrupted. They want to know what and when the rest of the world knows. And in the case of the Thai rescue, they want to part of the collective energy willing the story to turn out well. And that’s exactly what they got.

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