Oliver SargentTechnical Support Engineer

    Focus. To Ollie, our Customer Support Engineer, that’s the key behind the excellent customer service he gives to our clients.

    Now on an apprenticeship course studying IT Telecoms, customer support, networking and software development, Ollie has already proven to us that he has what it takes to succeed in our often pressure-filled, ever-changing field.

    His enthusiasm and his eagerness to keep learning combine well with the strong attention to detail and fast turnaround time he brings to all the work he undertakes. These are all important qualities when it comes to providing technical support and guidance to our clients within the broadcast and video service industry, specifically encoding video over cellular networks, publishing to web services and point-to-point transmissions.

    Outside of the office, you’ll find him taking the time to quench his thirst for learning by travelling the world and seeing what else is out there. In the last three years Ollie has visited Borneo, Thailand and California. His dream is to do the US coast to coast before too long. At home his passion is cars and he has a growing reputation as a chef!



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