Matthew StringerSales Manager

    To Matthew, nothing is more important to his work at Garland than understanding the needs of his clients. And it’s his curiosity and unrelenting nature to know more that help him do that. A sucker for any new technology that can make life easier, he is, in fact, a self-confessed geek!

    On the team, he is a master of innovative solutions with LiveU and ABonAir workflows, dealing with acquisition, management and delivery of live and on-demand video. Prior to joining Garland, Matthew worked with computer IT and brought many of those learned skills to us.

    But don’t let the highly technical experience fool you. Garland clients agree that Matthew’s easy rapport and outgoing, hardworking nature make him a pleasure to work with.

    And if you’re looking to talk to Matthew about something other than the best solution for your company’s needs, bring up football or the guitar. But don’t be surprised if the conversation is soon turned back to how he can make the latest technology work for you.

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