Lorna GarrettCommercial Director

    As Garland’s Co-founder and Commercial Director leading the client side of the business, Lorna combines a wealth of technological expertise with a deep knowledge of our markets and a clear vision of the future.

    She is that rare breed of leader who pushes for creativity and innovation, while maintaining a strong head for practicality in finding the best solutions for her clients.

    Lorna is a graduate of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, with a degree in electrical engineering and electronics…which proved to her Dad once and for all she was as good as her older brothers. After working with Marconi Underwater Weapons, Lorna spent 10 years at Hitachi handling the company’s key microprocessor semiconductor accounts.

    She is a woman who thrives on being busy, managing large-scale projects with an unwavering awareness of how best to accomplish it all. Lorna’s mantra is “go the extra mile,” whether for her customers, her team, her family … or quite literally for herself as she cycles the roads of beautiful Hampshire.  So if you see her at the roadside mending a puncture, please wave!

    “I strive for a level of customer service whereby my clients see me and my team as indispensable to their success,” says Lorna. “To accomplish that, I stress reliability and knowledge. And when we add a bit of fun to the mix, we’re all better for it!”

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