Liam RathboneTechnical Support Administrator

    At Garland, we put a huge emphasis on providing the best possible customer support. Liam Rathbone, Technical Team Administrator, takes that goal personally. He believes in taking full responsibility for the outcomes of his interactions with customers and ensuring they feel valued and respected.

    As we continue our growth, we like to think of Liam as The Integrator. He is a bridge between our sales, admin and support teams, and helps with both pre- and post-sales support. He ensures that your products are thoroughly tested before they’re sent to you.

    Liam is a strong proponent of ongoing learning, believing we can all continue to develop our skills and knowledge and should do so without restrictions. It’s something he puts into action through his education, career and pastimes. He’s a graduate of Coventry University with a BA in Music Composition and Professional Practice. He has worked as an SAP consultant, and recently completed teacher training at The University of Warwick.

    And what better way to keep growing than to travel the world! Liam is making good progress on his life ambition to visit every country in the world.

    When you’re chatting with him, be sure to ask about his bluegrass band. He plays fiddle with Heath Robinson String Band, and really enjoys performing live. And when he’s not busy doing all that, you can find him cheering on Leicester City, “the team that rewrote the history books.”

    We have a feeling that with all the goals Liam has for growth throughout his life, he’ll end up re-writing his role at Garland too!

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