Eleanor OliverFinance and Administration Assistant

    In our industry, we see first-hand the world becoming smaller every day. People have a growing interest in knowing what is happening with others around the world. Eleanor (Ellie) Oliver sees this too, and is taking that interest a step further by studying International Development at the University of Reading, with a side trip for five months to Canada to study at the University of Ottawa in the country’s capital.

    Right now, she’s participating in a placement year with us between her second and third years at university, where she’s gaining some valuable experience and mentoring in business finance and administration, team work, entrepreneurial idea generation, problem solving, project and event planning and management, and communication — all valuable basic learnings for anyone starting out in her chosen field.

    When you chat with Ellie, you’ll soon discern that she already possesses a host of qualities that everyone appreciates: she’s organised, punctual, efficient, reliable and friendly. She’s also a great listener and appreciates the importance of that in providing exceptional service — something to which we dedicate ourselves at Garland.

    As you might have guessed given her area of study, Ellie is an avid traveller. She recently volunteered in Senegal in West Africa for three months where she provided area youth with advice on health issues and entrepreneurship. She loves to immerse herself into interesting cultures… which must be why she’s chosen to work with us!

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