Cosmin BurlacuSenior Technical Support Engineer

    In our business, attention to detail is a must-have quality. But taking that attention to its outer limits is what Cosmin does well. You only have to watch as he sits back, headphones on listening to music and simultaneously scanning thousands of lines of code on the biggest screen in the office to know the man would have no problem at all finding a needle in a haystack.

    Which is exactly why he provides technical, application and after-sales support to customers on a wide range of broadcast equipment. If there’s a problem, Cosmin will find it and fix it.

    Before joining our team, Cosmin spent seven years with our partner LiveU. Prior to that, he worked for a streaming service provider. Not only did he bring with him to Garland a huge knowledge base, but he brought a desire to ensure he provides accurate, long-lasting solutions. He also sees problems as the needed first step if you want to create something even better.

    He’s a great sounding board on technical issues, and is there when we need ideas or a frank opinion on projects and problems. We’re pretty sure he was that kid in school who never let the teacher get away with anything, but was always asking “Why?”

    He’s also the one in the office who’s willing to share his opinion on movies and sports, and he’ll even let you in on some secrets to mastering the latest Xbox game. But you’ll have to sit him down with a nice cup of tea, because he also has a mad desire to travel anywhere, anytime … perhaps where LiveU got its slogan? Hmmm.

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