Christopher OwenSales Executive

    When you meet Chris, you’ll quickly understand why he’s working on the sports, live events and news side of our business — he quite literally lives and breathes sports and music. Having won a football scholarship to a US college in Missouri graduating with a degree in Exercise Science and Sports Management, he brings a depth of knowledge and understanding of the industry, both from a practical and management perspective.

    Chris is working to establish strong relationships with some of our existing customers. He’s also providing new on-line sports, radio, newspaper and music businesses with an understanding of the benefits of the many world-class products Garland has on offer.

    He worked in a sales role in Cyprus for a couple of years before returning to the UK. His experience has bred a strong appreciation of the value of customer service, and Chris is passionate and enthusiastic about what you are doing. He is continuously expanding on his understanding of Garland’s products and services to help give you what you need. You should expect nothing less.

    And if you want to discover just how deep his passion for sport goes, ask Chris how often he goes to the gym each week! He’s also a bit of a dance music buff … which makes complete sense for someone who just can’t stop moving ahead!

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