Casey RodgerInternal Sales Coordinator

    Casey brings a well-rounded background to the team at Garland. She’s taken an interest in dance, theatre, English literature and travel and combined it with university-level study in education and psychology. The result: someone who can talk with you on a wide range of topics.

    We all like to hear a friendly voice on the line when we need help, and Casey exudes friendliness. But she balances that with great listening skills, which she sees as the key to great customer service. That’s an important skill as she’s the first point of contact for your enquiries, ensuring they get to the right person on our team.

    Now, don’t let her approachable nature fool you! She’s a dynamo at getting work done and keeping things organised. That’s why we have her looking after your needs when you’re renting one of our LiveU solutions, sorting out logistics, renewing support contracts and keeping out CRM database in shipshape condition.

    When Casey’s not in the Garland office, she’s planning for the weekly dinner she has with her family. This involves cooking for 13 people. Of course, the real reason she works here is because she adores making birthday cakes … but please don’t tell her that when you’re chatting with her.

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