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ITV’s This Morning worked with LiveU and Garland to ensure they have the technology to broadcast live from anywhere … even a mountain top.

Technology that permits on-the-ground, live media coverage can provide for interesting coverage from some unique places. But when This Morning broadcast an interview with Eddie the Eagle live from the top of a mountain, they hit new heights for their viewers.

This Morning recently went high into the Austrian ski slopes to talk to the former British “king” of Olympic ski jumping, Eddie the Eagle, about the new movie of his life. The availability of technology from LiveU that allows live, wireless video transmissions from anywhere in the world, is helping ITV to provide the public with such exclusive and amazing coverage.

ITV makes use of several LiveU LU500 units that allow video to be transmitted live directly from the camera without the need for satellite trucks. Weighing around 1 kg (2.2 lbs), LiveU’s LU500 provides ITV’s field journalists with high performance and portability.

With boot time under a minute, the LU500 lets journalists broadcast rapidly changing events and fast-action scenes, even in crowded or remote places.

ITV’s daytime TV team on the programme “Good Morning Britain” have been using the units for a variety of unique news acquisition situations, including on-the-ground coverage of many events across Europe.

“The LiveU units make it easy for us to get into places without a lot of intrusive, heavy equipment,” says Tim Guilder, Technology Manager for Daytime TV at ITV. “The key for us is the flexibility the LiveU units provide, because we can never be certain about exactly where the story will be next.

“Having a unit that will work on the 4G networks and roam across the EU is a tremendous benefit to ensure we get content out to viewers quickly and with high quality.”

“It’s incredible to view the live video content that comes from ITV’s coverage,” says Matthew Stringer, Senior Account Manager at Garland, LiveU’s UK-based partner. “Because they can be so in the moment with their news and story elements, they bring a strong personal element and immediacy to their viewers.

“ITV’s use of this technology is a testament to the breadth of coverage that can arise from using the state-of-the-art solutions that continue to come from LiveU.”

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