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Live streaming video on social media platforms is not only possible, it’s a must do for any organisation looking to grow and engage today’s mobile viewer.

With social media, nothing is more social than the chance to interact live in real time. That’s as true for organisations as it is for individuals. And it’s why you don’t want to be the last one to be live streaming video on your social media platforms. Yes, live streaming is already possible on outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter.

For most audiences, social media has fast become a primary source of news and entertainment. Add up-to-the-minute, targeted and topical video content with the ability to directly engage with your audience, and you have a way to instantly build your viewership, gain their feedback and gauge their reaction to your content. You provide new, exciting material for existing audiences while enticing new viewers and participants to discover you.

Live streaming to Facebook, for example, is easy. Facebook Live lets any organisation with a page or profile share live video with their followers and friends. Most streams are based upon RTMP (Flash) technology, which is supported by all transcoders provided by Garland.

Facebook allows a live stream for up to 90 minutes. “We’ve tested this using LiveU, Media Excel and Ateme into Facebook Live, and it works like a charm,” says Malcolm Harland, Director of Garland.

While a WiFi signal will work, a strong signal may not always be available. LiveU’s unique Reliable Transport protocol (LRT) enables reliable, low-delay, live video streaming over non-guaranteed IP networks. It ensures reliable transport over even unreliable networks, including cellular networks, or remote locations.

“The prevalence of smartphone technology in the age of social media means that individuals are used to watching and sharing their own video on their devices,” says Malcolm. “Video on demand has come of age. So, streaming video content to and from these devices is a logical and easy transition to make. It’s exploding in use.”

What’s exciting for organisations of all types is the ability to quickly and easily make live content available. People already have the technology needed to view high-quality video instantly.

“Live video has a raw edginess and reality that people appreciate today,” explains Malcolm. “You can instantly respond to issues and crises. You can share breaking news immediately. You can give people a look behind the scenes, making them more invested in what’s happening.

“And it allows people to be involved in events as they happen and in an immersive way unlike traditional broadcasting. We can watch the latest event unfold on a traditional television, but when we can also interact through commentary and sharing, we feel involved in an unprecedented way.”

Companies are using live streaming on social media in myriad ways beyond news content. They’re using it for concerts, sports, conferences, seminars, speeches, open meetings, and lectures. Live tweeting of events has progressed beyond audience members simply typing in a question and waiting for an answer. Now a live stream of video content keeps the interaction active, and lengthens engagement. Some companies are even using it as a form of enhanced customer support.

“The possibilities are limitless and the growth potential for businesses is enormous,” states Malcolm. “It’s simply a matter of getting involved. Your audience is ready and waiting.”

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