Signal Processing

GT 34

DVB Gateway - The GT 34 module allows you to add up to 16 DVB-S or S2 multiplexed transport streams per module to your IPTV network.

Chameleon Processor

Processor - A highly configurable channel processor that can receive and transmit in a multitude of interfaces and formats.


Automatic Precorrection Tool - A-ESP is an automatic precorrection tool based on a profesional highend demodulator, Neptune.

DVP Software

Error Correction Gateway Software - DVP is a software-based product offering and can be purchased as a virtual machine or as a self-contained appliance.


Signal Processor - The Chameleon module GN HWUW2 covers nearly all functions for cable TV and SMATV.

GT 42 W

Signal Processor - The GT42 W is a CA descrambler which can be combined with other Tangram modules to descramble encrypted DVB Transport streams

GT 41

Signal Processing - GT41 is an IP processing module for multiplexing/ remultiplexing MPTS <> SPTS streams.

GT 32 W

Video Gateway - The GT32W module allows you to add up to 4 ASI streams input or output per module to your network.

GT 31 W

DVB Gateway - The GT 31 W module allows you to add up to 4 DVB- transport streams per module to your network.


The Tangram headend platform is ideal for distribution via IP, as it is designed with high density and performance in mind. One of the Tangram’s most advantageous features is that the system flexibility allows you to change functionality simply by replacing or adding new hardware to match your needs.

DVP Appliance

Error Correction Gateway - DVP overcomes the inherent limitations of IP networks, eliminating jitter and ensures 100% recovery of lost packets with minimum bandwidth overhead.
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