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With German reliability, Teracue brings a superb range of IP video and IPTV solutions to the Garland portfolio. Their products for network-based video streaming and management of video streams allow high-quality video networking within LAN and Public Internet networks.

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Encoder - The ENC-500 is a small form factor HDMI HEVC and H.264 encoder; designed for IPTV and live web streaming applications.


Encoder - The ENC-400 is a HDMI or HD-SDI portable fanless H.264 multiformat encoder for resolutions up to 4K UHD. Ideal for broadcast, IPTV and web streaming.



Decoder - The DEC-300 is a HD-SDI H.264 decoder for contribution based workflows with talkback capabilities. Portable fanless unit.

IPTV Headend


DVB Gateway - DVB to IP blade based gateway and decoder for DVB-T/T2/C/S/S2 modulation schemes. HD H.264 decoder and ASI outputs.Remux capabilities


DVB Gateway - Dual Input DVB to IP gateway series supporting DVB-T/T2/C/S/S2 modulation schemes. Dual CI slots for service descrambling. Remux Capabilities


DVB Gateway - The DXP-380D is a high-density, cost-effective DVB to IP gateway for IPTV headends. The DXP-380D gateway is equipped with eight independent tuners and re-mux capabilities.



Transcoder - MC-TRANS converts HD/SD streams to any H.264 or MPEG-2 format, bitrate and resolution. Software based application that can output TS for IPTV and HLS for OTT.


Transcoder - A software engine for taking local desktop views and sending them as IPTV streams on the network for software clients, monitoring/mosaics and for stream-recording.


Video Gateway - A multi functional IP Video problem solver. Supporting protocol and unicast to multicast conversion. Can be used to bridge 2 IPTV networks over the public internet.

ICUE Media Server


Video Wall - A feature rich video wall management system for creating bespoke video wall layouts that can be edited and updated in real time. Ideal application for IPTV and large screen deployments.


IPTV - The ICUE portfolio is an IPTV middleware layer allowing for channel control, recording and creation from many different content feeds.

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Teracue, leading manufacturer of hardware and software products of IPTV solutions and video networking, has been transferred with all rights on trademarks, names and patents as well as all employees into the new Teracue eyevis GmbH. With the takeover eyevis and Teracue are combining their strengths and resources in product development and distribution, and are setting trends on streaming solutions for professional applications.

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