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Media Excel defines the adaptive bitrate, multi-device transcoding standard for multi-screen video delivery. Its HERO solution provides superior scalability, greatest density, flexibility, and power efficiency while offering unmatched multi-screen HD delivery.

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Live Transcoder - HERO Live is a 19" 1RU rack-mount H.264 live OTT multi-screen transcoding platform. Up to 8x HD/SD-SDI and IP inputs, multi-format support, with options for HEVC.


File Transcoder - HERO File is a 19" 1RU rack-mount H.264 file-based transcoding platform. Multi-format support with options for HEVC.

HMS Management

Management System - HMS remotely manages and controls all live and file transcoding groups simultaneously, both appliance- and cloud-based.


Live Transcoder - HERO Event encoder is a portable, short 19" appliance for single- of dual-channel encoding. With both HD/SD-SDI and IP inputs it is ideal for field use, simple to set up, and cost effective.

HERO 4K Encoder

Encoder - HERO 4K Ultra-HD HEVC Encoder offers the next level in high-quality, field-proven, standards-compliant 4K/UHD encoding in a 1RU platform.

HERO 4K Decoder

Decoder - Media Excel’s 4K Ultra HD HEVC Decoder is a proven broadcast-grade decoder. Decoding streams up to 120Mbps UHD HEVC. Ideal for premium sports and events where high quality is necessary.


Cloud - HERO Cloud is a transcoding licence for use in either the private or public cloud. Enables transcoding of live and file-based workflows at a low processing cost with superior quality.


Encoder/Decoder - The HERO Contribution encoder/decoder product family delivers exceptional quality and proven reliability for content gathering, head-end and confidence feeds.


Encoder - The HERO Intelligence encoder is a multi-channel, multi-format encoder designed for remote, high-quality and mission-critical Intelligence & Surveillance applications.

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Video Quality remains the paramount feature that customers demand and encoder vendors are graded upon. HERO’s leadership in the encoder Video Quality has been proven throughout the years. HERO was chosen against other encoder vendors in head-to-head shootouts with major companies like MobiTV, LGU+ and Telstra. High Profile clients like the NBA, NFL, Olympic Games and the World Cup have relied on HERO’s superior quality to deliver exceptional content to their viewers.

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