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LiveU sets the standard for high-quality and reliable live video acquisition, management and distribution over IP. LiveU’s award-winning technology enables live video transmission from any location around the world.

With top-tier customers in 60+ countries, LiveU’s solutions are being used for breaking and developing news and high-profile events, such as the FIFA World Cup™, Winter and Summer Olympic Games, general elections, Fashion Weeks, corporate seminars, live televison shows, and red-carpet events.

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Field Unit - The LU600 HEVC is the flagship portable video uplink device from LiveU, incorporating LiveU Reliable Transport protocol (LRT) and HEVC.


Bonded Cellular Uplink - LiveU HEVC Video Card is a powerful addition to the LU600 portable transmission unit, enabling upto 4K HEVC encoding.


Field Unit - The LU300 HEVC is a portable video uplink device incorporating LiveU Reliable Transport protocol (LRT) and HEVC.


Field Unit - The LU200 is the ultra-small field unit that allows cost-effective live or file video transmission from anywhere.


Field Unit - The LU500 offers complete portability of video transmission, without compromising video quality or functionality.


Bonded Cellular Uplink - professional 1U HEVC rackmount encoder for vehicles and fixed locations, combining unparalleled video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency.


Encoder - The LU220 expands on the LU210 platform by offering two independent encoders in the same 1U chassis. `


Encoder - The LU210 is a single channel, rack mount encoder.


Field Unit - The LU200e is the most cost-effective contribution video encoder on the market.


Server - LU-Smart transforms your smartphone into a portable LiveU uplink device. Transmit over 4G and WiFi with complete portability.


Software - LU-Lite transforms your Apple Mac into a portable LiveU uplink device. Transmitting over 4G, WiFI and LAN connections utilising LiveU's LRT protocol.


Server - The LU4000 is the receiving hub for all broadcast LiveU devices. It accepts feed from any broadcast LiveU device supporting up to 4K UHD resolutions.


Server - The LU2000 is the receiving hub for all broadcast LiveU devices. It accepts feed from any broadcast LiveU device and is CDN broadcast capable.


LU-Solo is the revolutionary way to transmit live over social media to Facebook Live, Twitter or Youtube or a CDN of choice. Easy to use, high quality and portable. Buy from our WebShop.

Solo Graphics

Solo Cloud Graphics enable content creators to enhance online and social video productions by adding real-time content and visuals into their live streams.


Bonded Cellular Uplink - The Xtender is an external modem array for the LiveU portable series of products, providing up to 6 extra cellular datapaths. Tripod or vehicle mounted.

LiveU Matrix

Next-generation IP cloud video management platform.

LiveU Central

Management System - LiveU Central is the powerful web-based management portal to control and monitor broadcast LiveU devices.

Video Return

Video Return - The LiveU Video Return server is capable of sending return feeds to LU600 transmitters for teleprompter or confidence feed applications.

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LiveU’s award-winning technology enables live, wireless video transmission from any location around the world, with lightweight, easy-to-use equipment. From transmission backpacks to smartphones, and satellite/cellular hybrid to external antenna solutions, LiveU offers a complete range of devices for live, mobile video transmission anytime, anywhere. In addition, LiveU offers extensive cloud-based management and video distribution solutions. LiveU’s solutions include multiple 4G LTE/3G, HSPA+, WiMAX and Wi-Fi cellular links, which are optimised for maximum video quality based on the available network conditions.

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