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Anevia is a leading OTT and IPTV software vendor providing innovative solutions for TV and video delivery, including live, near live, on demand, and multiscreen.

Anevia have designed a range of products and solutions that enable you to scale and monetise live, time-shifted and on-demand multi-screen TV.

Anevia provide innovative solutions for your TV consumption

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Genova Live

Transcoder - Keepixo's Genova Live is a Live Software Multiscreen Encoder for OTT TV & IPTV.

Genova File

File Transcoder - Genova File is a virtualisable software for encoding VOD assets to H.264 or HEVC, up to 4K UHD.

Genova Packager

Genova Packager - a software-based packager for live OTT. It packages live multi-bitrate video and audio feeds to OTT TV formats, and pushes your content to third-party CDNs.

Genova Mosaic

Mosaic Generator - Genova Mosaic is a virtualisable software designed for generating a mosaic channel.

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Solutions in the OTT, IPTV and Wireless Value Chain

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