DVB Gateway – Vivo DVB-S appliance with 4 DVB-S/S2 multiplex stream inputs. These can be configured, distributed and managed from the intuitive user interface including the facility to record, time shift and configure SAP announcements.

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  • Intuitive UI – Makes it simple to identify each individual input,route and configure the relevant portal and required outputs.
  • Status – A real-time overview of the status and health of all available inputs and outputs.
  • Network – IP Multicast UDP/RTP. SAP/SDP announcements for standard service discovery.
  • File – Record and replay of sources – supplements StreamVue’s appliance. Profile – Groups of IO configurations stored as a profile. Unlimited profiles can be pre-configured and loaded as required allowing rapid re-configuration of the entire head end.
  • IO – 4 DVB-S/S2 multiplex stream inputs. Multicast IP transport stream out and simultaneous output to a file (recording).
  • Time Shift – Time shift and rebroadcast channels multiple times.
  • SAP – User configureable SAP announcements.
  • Alerts – Email and SYSLOG alerts of status and health.
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