Sapphire 4K/HD Encoder

The BWS Sapphire encoder is a broadcast quality HEVC encoder capable of encoding up to 4K UHD resolution or 4 x 1080p HD video streams in parallel. Video is presented as quad 3G-SDI with multi-channel embedded audio and the output is ASI or IP (optional). In a dedicated half-width rack-mount chassis, and options for low latency modes, BISS encryption and additional audio, the Sapphire HEVC encoder is perfect for outside broadcast and contribution requirements for news and premium content alike.


  • High quality HEVC codec
  • Low Latency for live applications
  • Transmission of true 4K UHD signals with HDR
  • Transmission of 4x simultaneous 1080p50/59 HD
  • IP and DVB-ASI out
  • Options for HDMI, 12G-SDI, SMPTE 2022-6 via SFP modules
  • Low Power Consumption – upto 15W at UHD
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