The MVE7000 is a small form-factor HD/SD-SDI input HEVC 420 8-bit IP encoder with optional 422 10-bit and ASI output at low bit rate and low latency.


  • HD-SDI input (Enc)/output (Dec)
  • HEVC 1920x1080i @ 25, 29.9Hz, 10bits, Main 10 Level 4.1
  • Chroma 4:2:0, regular delay
  • Embedded audio 8 channels
  • MPEG-1 Layer II (2 channels) x 1 PES
  • MPEG-2 T5 (188 Bytes), maximum TS rate 50 Mbps
  • Enc. output, Dec. input: IP or DVB-ASI
  • 2 data ports, 1 control port
  • RTP/UDP/IP, Unicast, IPv4, FEC
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