LU-Lite is a LiveU designed application for Apple Mac machines. It offers live or file based transmission and incorporates LRT (LiveU Reliable Transport protocol) to ensure the video is transmitted at high quality and adapts to network conditions. It bonds together external USB based 4G/3G connection, ethernet and the WiFi signal to create a more reliable transmission path for video. It’s a great entry-level solution and can transmit to the LU2000.

LU-Lite supports on board webcams as well as an external 3rd party device, for connecting professional cameras via SDI or HDMI.


  • Live video delivery at low delay
  • File based delivery at fixed bitrate for guaranteed quality
  • IFB support
  • Utilises internal webcam or external professional camera via 3rd party SDI/HDMI interface device
  • Supported on Apple Mac (OSX 10.11 or later)
  • Includes LRT (LiveU Reliable Transport protocol – patented by LiveU) to ensure reliable delivery of video
  • Bond together 4G, ethernet and WiFi for reliable transmission path
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