HMS Management

HERO Management System provides complete visibility and control over all OTT, IPTV, MobileTV, and VoD transcoding services. Designed to work with the HERO range of transcoders/encoders in order to deliver 24/7 availability and superior QoS for both live and file-based transcoding services. HERO Management Server (HMS) is fully customisable and can accommodate simultaneously different fail-over policies allowing operators, systems integrators and content owners to deploy services organically with minimum operational cost. It can be either appliance- or cloud-based.



  • Web Management Console
  • XML-based profiles
  • Edit profiles while in use
  • Constant monitoring of I/O streams
  • Interface with CAS systems
  • MPEG-2 MPTS scan for PID selection (ASI/IP)
  • Monitoring enhancements
  • – Multi-user support and LDAP integration
  • – Auto-restart of failed channels
  • – Auto-sense input loss
  • Fail-over enhancements
  • Individual channel control
  • Integration with ASI/SDI switches
  • NIC bonding/teaming and VLANs
  • Fast and secure remote firmware upgrade
  • Enhanced logging system with dynamic verbosity
  • Factory Reset Automation
  • REST & SOAP for integration with third-party solutions
  • SNMP v.2 alerts/traps/remote control
  • Also available as a virtualised deployment (HMS.VS)
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