The HERO LIVE is a powerful, flexible and reliable multi-screen transcoding and encoding platform. It can carry out both live and filetranscoding workflows on the same unified 1RU platform from either IP or HD/SD-SDI inputs. It has a high-quality H.264 codec with a wide feature set which offers support for all adaptive technologies (HLS, MS Smooth, RTMP, DASH, RTP and TS), multi-language support, subtitling, DRM (Digital Rights Management) and CDN compatibility.

Great management support either on-board or from a separate management server (HMS), offering sophisticated fail-over policies, such as individual channel fail-over, and Evergreen. Optional licence upgrade to HEVC.


  • Multi-channel, multi-format transcoder/encoder H.264 AVC with HEVC/H.265 upgrade option.
  • Transcoding/encoding for live and file workflows.
  • Input versions available: IP only, IP/4xHDSDI, or IP/8xHDSDI, DVB-ASI optional.
  • Supports Apple HLS, Adobe RTMP, MS Smooth, RTP, MPEG-DASH, and TS outputs.
  • Subtitling support: DVB-Teletext, OP47, DVBSubs, SMPTE-2031.
  • Multi-audio support.
  • Powerful Management software either onboard or from a separate Hero Management Server (HMS) for multiple fail-over policies including Individual Channel Fail-over (n+1, N+M, 1+1) and Evergreen feature set.
  • Wide DRM, CDN and Ad server support.
  • Virtual playlist generation support.
  • Native ad insertion/signaling (SCTE-35 / SCTE-104) and DRM/CA integration.
  • Power max 360W, redundant power supply.
  • 1RU 19″ rack-mount appliance.
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