HERO Cloud (Virtual Software) is a proven transcoding virtual software solution that provides quality and performance at costs that ensure an easy ROI, whether investing in capital equipment or in a low-cost cloud solution. By taking advantage of HERO VS on the cloud, users can transcode their video live or VOD assets at a low processing cost, with superior quality and low bitrates for additional savings on distribution costs. Supporting up to 4K UHD 60fps in both live and file domains.

HERO Cloud can be controlled by the HERO Management Software (also either cloud-based virtual licence HMS.VS or appliance-based).


  • Multi-channel, multi-format transcoder/encoder H.264 AVC with HEVC/H.265 upgrade option.
  • Transcoding/encoding for live and file workflows.
  • TS/RTP/UDP FEC SMPTE 2022, HLS, RTMP, Zixi, Octoshape inputs supported
  • Supports Apple HLS, Adobe RTMP, MS Smooth, RTP, MPEG-DASH and TS outputs.
  • Subtitling support: DVB-Teletext, DVBSubs.
  • 16-channel audio support.
  • Management software, either onboard or from a separate HERO.
  • Management Server (HMS) for multiple fail-over policies, including individual.
  • Channel Failover (n+1, N+M, 1+1) and Evergreen feature set.
  • Wide DRM, CDN and Ad server support.
  • Virtual playlist generation support for file to VOD workflows.
  • Native ad insertion/signaling (SCTE-35) and DRM/CA integration.
  • Commercial cloud providers: AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Alibaba, NTT, KT, etc.
  • Virtualisation p latforms: VmWare, HyperV, KVM, Docker, Openstack, etc.
  • Bare-metal chassis (third-party hardware/servers):
    • Approved servers from HP, Dell, IBM, etc.
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