GT 34

The GT 34 module is part of the Tangram product portfolio. The GT 34 module allows you to receive up to 16 DVB-S/S2 satellite transponders and convert the streams to IP multicast or unicast transport streams. Tangram is a very high density and highly flexible solution for all kind of networks. The WISI Tangram chassis can use a fully redundant blade and chassis configuration (n+1, 1+1). 


  • The WISI Tangram GT 34 card allows for reception for DVB-S/S2 signals
  • Up to 16 x DVB-S/S2 transponders via 4 x RF inputs per card
  • Professional DVB transport stream processing
  • Integrated SAT Switch
  • RTP/ IP FEC output stream protection
  • High density reception 96 transponder in 1 RU
  • SPTS and MPTS streaming (CBR or VBR)
  • UDP and RTP MPEG transport stream over IP protocol
  • 8 tuner reception enabled by hardware, an additional 8 tuners will be enabled by GTOS2 software option
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