Recorder – Encoder is a multi-stream record/playback appliance that can simultaneously store and retrieve multiple channels of real time multimedia content using network storage or DVD burners with Video on Demand flexibility.

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  • Flexible, cost-effective head end in a single chassis – allows mix and match of RF and serial feeds with transcoding capability, demuxing and IP multicast routing
  • Multicast distribution of real-time and off-air content – handles all live, recorded, satellite and digital broadcast content
  • Decoding/encoding/transcoding – allows any mix of MPEG2 and h264 to support SD and HD TV
  • Flexible i/o options including ASI/SDI – supports all commonly used formats plus HD-SDI for outside broadcast or High Definition applications
  • High Capacity – up to six option modules per chassis, and high-density modules
  • GUI – web-based management GUI and integration with Conductor
  • High reliability and redundancy – optional redundant chassis operation
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