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  • Overview: By streaming content through a set-top box, a computer or other device, viewers have the choice to watch in real time, or they can watch when they want by downloading to a computer, mobile device or other media devices.
  • Content Acquisition: You can present your files in many ways in a file-based workflow. From FTP, Watch Folders to HTTP URLs and even live inputs, Garland can assist in defining your video-on-demand (VoD) workflow.
  • Transcode: It’s important to use industry-leading transcoders to ensure your video content can get to as many different devices as possible. Within the transcode it is possible to adjust the files to add adverts, for example. Supporting many industry standards is important in order to get your precious content out there.
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  • Clipcasting: With all the VoD content you have available, why not harness the power of the Internet to create a new live channel? Use the transcoder with a web-based playout server to have highlights or a “best of” channel.
  • Live-to-VoD: Capturing your live content for VoD playback has traditionally been a long process with lots of editing then retranscoding. This is a thing of the past — content turnaround is key.

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Recorder - Encoder is a multi-stream record/playback appliance that can simultaneously store and retrieve multiple channels of real time multimedia content using network storage or DVD burners with Video on Demand flexibility

Genova File

File Transcoder - Genova File is a virtualisable software for encoding VOD assets to H.264 or HEVC, up to 4K UHD.


IPTV - The ICUE portfolio is an IPTV middleware layer allowing for channel control, recording and creation from many different content feeds.


File Transcoder - HERO File is a 19" 1RU rack-mount H.264 file-based transcoding platform. Multi-format support with options for HEVC.
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