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Transcoding involves converting audio and video feed from one or several codecs, bitrates or resolutions to another. It is very important to get this right if you want to retain quality.

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Perfectly suited to broadcast IPTV, OTT, WebTV, and mobile TV applications. One or more sources can be delivered to various targets, such as mobile phones, set-top boxes and PC players, at the same time to reach the broadest possible audience.

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LU-Solo is the revolutionary way to transmit live over social media to Facebook Live, Twitter or Youtube or a CDN of choice. Easy to use, high quality and portable. Buy from our WebShop.

Genova Live

Transcoder - Keepixo's Genova Live is a Live Software Multiscreen Encoder for OTT TV & IPTV.


Live Transcoder - HERO Event encoder is a portable, short 19" appliance for single- of dual-channel encoding. With both HD/SD-SDI and IP inputs it is ideal for field use, simple to set up, and cost effective.


Live Transcoder - HERO Live is a 19" 1RU rack-mount H.264 live OTT multi-screen transcoding platform. Up to 8x HD/SD-SDI and IP inputs, multi-format support, with options for HEVC.
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