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You’ve got fantastic video content that viewers around the world want to see. But you want a cost-effective, reliable way to send it out over IP while still retaining its high quality. We have the solutions that will let you deliver broadcast-quality video at less cost than satellite. Error correction that results in no jitter, minimum bandwidth overhead, and lost packets completely recovered. It can all be yours.

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You’ve got a lot invested in your content, so finding new ways to use it not only grow your viewer base, it can also create a new revenue stream. Whether you’re sending content over dedicated connectivity or the public Internet, IP is more cost-effective than satellite and just as efficient. We offer solutions that will integrate seamlessly within your network and offer reliable, uninterrupted service.

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DVP Appliance

Error Correction Gateway - DVP overcomes the inherent limitations of IP networks, eliminating jitter and ensures 100% recovery of lost packets with minimum bandwidth overhead.


Server - The LU2000 is the receiving hub for all broadcast LiveU devices. It accepts feed from any broadcast LiveU device and is CDN broadcast capable.

ARQ IP Streaming Solution

Error Correction Gateway - The ARQ is Artel's flasgship 1RU ARQ error correction platform with enhanced jitter management.
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