New! LiveU HEVC Pro Card — a powerful addition for the LU600

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The best in video performance meets superior bandwidth efficiency.

At the start of the year, we introduced you to the LU600, LiveU’s new portable transmission field unit for global newsgathering and live sports and events coverage. We also told you LiveU never rests when it comes to finding ways to improve on perfection. And sure enough, they’ve already added a powerful addition to the LU600 — the HEVC Pro Card, adding unparalleled video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency.

“Professional broadcasters and content creators have been quick to take up the LU600 since its introduction,” says Malcolm Harland, Managing Director at Garland. “LiveU made the LU600 upgradeable to H.265 HEVC as it wanted to continue its adoption of the latest encoding standards.

“With HEVC encoding combined with the low power consumption of LU600, you can further optimise quality and cellular cost by having higher compression capability. You can equally ramp up bandwidth and quality when you are looking for those high-value, compelling images. You get superior 1080/4K video quality in a fully integrated HEVC video-bonding solution. The choice is yours.”

Here are some of the benefits you’ll gain with the LU600 and the added HEVC Pro Card:

  • Superior 1080/4K video quality based on broadcast-grade hardware encoding —supporting VR and 360-degree applications for these exciting emerging markets;
  • Very low power consumption, preserving the 4 hours of battery time currently enjoyed using H.264 encoding;
  • Dynamic bitrate and resolution changes on the fly, enabling real-time encoding based on available bandwidth. This provides the best streaming solution in low bandwidth situations;
  • Both HEVC and H.264 file encoding capability supporting all production workflows; and
  • Live & Store, which allows you to go live under any network conditions while saving a high-quality copy of the live video for future use.

The upgrade is straightforward: simply swap your current LU600 video card with the new HEVC Pro card.  Broadcast more hours, for less money at better video quality than H.264. The benefits of HEVC when delivered by the LiveU team are definitely improving on perfection.

LiveU plans to adopt the HEVC standard across its entire product portfolio — from its smallest uplink units to hybrid truck solutions — delivering the highest compression, best quality and lowest power consumption. LU600 joins the LU710 vehicle solution as the next step on this road.

Already using your LU600, but want to add the HEVC Pro Card? Just realising you need an LU600 with all this new technology inside? Contact your LiveU expert team at Garland today!

New HEVC Card
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