Multiscreen Encoders

Genova Live

Transcoder - Keepixo's Genova Live is a Live Software Multiscreen Encoder for OTT TV & IPTV.


Encoder - The ENC-400 is a HDMI or HD-SDI portable fanless H.264 multiformat encoder for resolutions up to 4K UHD. Ideal for broadcast, IPTV and web streaming.


Cloud - HERO Cloud is a transcoding licence for use in either the private or public cloud. Enables transcoding of live and file-based workflows at a low processing cost with superior quality.

HERO 4K Encoder

Encoder - HERO 4K Ultra-HD HEVC Encoder offers the next level in high-quality, field-proven, standards-compliant 4K/UHD encoding in a 1RU platform.


Live Transcoder - HERO Event encoder is a portable, short 19" appliance for single- of dual-channel encoding. With both HD/SD-SDI and IP inputs it is ideal for field use, simple to set up, and cost effective.


File Transcoder - HERO File is a 19" 1RU rack-mount H.264 file-based transcoding platform. Multi-format support with options for HEVC.


Live Transcoder - HERO Live is a 19" 1RU rack-mount H.264 live OTT multi-screen transcoding platform. Up to 8x HD/SD-SDI and IP inputs, multi-format support, with options for HEVC.
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