Mosaic Generators


Digital Signage - Symphony is a hybrid digital video mixer and signage appliance used to create and manage IPTV content channel streams that can consist of any mix of live video, stored video, real time data and textual or graphical content.

DigiLink DLC910

Multiviewer - The DLC910 is a DigiLink based solution adding full featured 4 channel SD-HD-3G SDI Multiviewer capabilities. Consuming a single slot in any chassis, the DLC910 seamlessly integrates into the platform enabling users to monitor the status of up to 4 independent SD, HD, and 3G-SDI video and audio channels.

Genova Mosaic

Mosaic Generator - Genova Mosaic is a virtualisable software designed for generating a mosaic channel.

Genova Packager

Genova Packager - a software-based packager for live OTT. It packages live multi-bitrate video and audio feeds to OTT TV formats, and pushes your content to third-party CDNs.
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