With LiveU Solo, streaming live to your favourite platform is easy as 1-2-3

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LiveU’s pedigree technology brings you an easy-to-use, affordable, high-quality way to stream instantly from your camera directly to Facebook Live, YouTube Live and many more online video platforms.

Imagine being able to grab your camera, race to an event and instantly stream your coverage live to Facebook or YouTube. LiveU Solo has made this possible, and people everywhere are already putting it to use.

Being able to stream live to the platform of your choice without any middle hardware is one of the biggest benefits LiveU Solo offers. No more rushing to configure an encoder or ensuring you have the right connectivity. All you need is a cellular signal or network connectivity (or both) in your location and you can stream live.

It’s the perfect solution for anyone who has an online presence and wants to stream to web and mobile viewers live. If you’re streaming sports or music events, are covering a local community, council meeting or church service, or want to get the jump on breaking news, the LiveU Solo will perform. And what’s more, its low cost makes it a viable solution for just about everyone.

For years, LiveU’s innovative, high-quality products have been the go-to solutions for the broadcast industry. With Solo, you get to enjoy the same video capability found in LiveU’s broadcast-grade contribution products.

Solo’s small, portable format makes it easy to take with you everywhere so you have it at the ready whenever you need it. And it’s one-touch, plug-and-play design means it’s simple to use. Even if you don’t have a lot of technical experience with streaming live, the user guide that comes with each unit will have you up and running in three easy steps: 1.turn Solo on; 2. Select your video platform; and 3. Stream

However, if you should still have a question, LiveU Solo support is available through an online support portal.

And for those of you who want to know a bit more about the technicalities …

• The Solo is designed to fit seamlessly with web-streaming workflows, as any kind of RTMP streaming address can be used. This give you complete flexibility with where you stream.
• All you need is the Solo cloud service and some connectivity on the ground, whether that’s 3G, 4G, WiFi or ethernet from broadband connection or even KA-Satellite or BGAN.
• You can add the ability to use two 4G modems for complete portability.
• It has an internal battery that lasts for about 3 hours.
• Solo connects automatically to Facebook, YouTube, Wowza, as well as other popular OVPs.

Come on … isn’t it time you went Solo?

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