Letting the world in on the sights and sounds of Notting Hill Carnival

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With help from a LiveU Xtender antenna, Boiler Room TV was able to live stream 42 hours of performances from this colourful, cultural street party.

This August bank holiday, almost 1.5 million people took to the streets to celebrate one of the world’s largest street festivals: the Notting Hill Carnival. Yet, although this annual event celebrating black British culture and music attracts more than six times the numbers of participants than the Glastonbury Festival, it receives far less media coverage. Global online music broadcasting platform, Boiler Room, set out to give the event the global recognition it deserves by continuously live streaming 42 hours of performances.

While it’s now easy to uplink live video content over cellular networks, it can be difficult to do so in a crowded cellular environment. With data usage on smartphones and tablets continuing to rise, in congested areas where huge numbers of people are all trying to use their devices at the same time, such as the Notting Hill Carnival, mobile bandwidth overload can cause services to break down.

Garland was able to provide Boiler Room with a solution — the LiveU Xtender. Using microwave technology, the Xtender allows broadcasters to circumvent the overloading condition by connecting to remote, uncongested cell towers or directly to the public network.

“For the first time in its 50-year history, the Carnival could showcase the best British black music around by live streaming it to anyone who wanted to watch — anywhere in the world,” says Boiler Room founder Blaise Bellville. “We successfully provided the event unfiltered, uncensored, and uncut. We could offer viewers the best opportunity to see all that was on offer.”

The LiveU Xtender is a portable external antenna unit that increases network reception and provides additional resiliency for live video transmission in extreme scenarios, such as heavily crowded locations. The Xtender essentially increases the network reception of LiveU’s field units.

The LiveU Xtender adds enhanced RF antennas and seven additional network connections (six cellular modems and one Wi-Fi) to LiveU’s professional-grade devices and covers all current 3G/4G LTE cellular network bands worldwide.

‘’The Xtenders were doubtless a useful asset to have in this extreme environment for live streaming,” says Larry Gale, Boiler Room’s Head of Broadcast. “We feel we were able to bring a sensationally accurate level of coverage from the streets of the Notting Hill Carnival, and I hope that fellow Britons are proud to be the home of such an unrivalled event. It was as an unprecedented success for Boiler Room.”

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