ITV and LiveU: the meeting of the innovative minds

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When the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster meets the unrivalled pioneer of portable live video acquisition solutions, you just know the results are going to be revolutionary.

Over the past few years, we’ve brought you a lot of great stories about the many ways ITV has been moving ahead through its use of LiveU’s cellular uplink solutions. Back in 2014, we were the technical “elves” behind ITV’s use of an LU70 to capture 24-hour coverage of its fundraising event around London. Then in 2016, the broadcaster used the LU500s to interview Eddie the Eagle live from the top of a mountain, cover the Welsh elections, and keep fans up-to-date on what was happening at the Euro Cup. For the Welsh team’s matches, it was the ultra-small LU200 field unit that provided coverage that kept local fans on the edge of their seats.

It’s no small wonder the team at ITV continues to be at the forefront of discovering innovative ways to use the equally innovative solutions from LiveU. Currently, ITV uses a mix of over 80 LU200, LU500, LU600, and LiveU Smart solutions across 12 different broadcast regions in the UK.

“The reason for our use of LiveU all adds up to more capability,” says Steve Teague, Head of Technical Services at ITV News. “All while remaining cost-effective, with automated delivery workflows for files, reliable delivery and an increased ability to turn around live content.”

ITV is primarily using its suite of LiveU units for live contribution to live programmes for ITV news and ITV news regions.  The portable uplink solutions add a versatility and reliability to sending video content from the field back to the main broadcast hub.

ITV also makes use of LiveU’s Store and Forward capabilities. This allows one encoder to stream live while the other records the stream. The benefit is that video coverage can be captured when a live stream is not required or when bandwidth is unexpectedly limited, and then delivered back to regional sites or the London studio when needed.

“We’ve been working with ITV since the beginning, helping them stream the iTunes festival, the World Cup, and even their own ‘upfronts’ where they promote their programme lineup for the coming year,” says Lorna Garrett, Commercial Director of Garland. “We’re proud they continue to look to us for the latest and best streaming technologies to keep them at the cutting edge when it comes to giving viewers what they want. We’re not at all surprised they have become one of the UK’s biggest users of LiveU solutions.”

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