IBC 2017: It’s a “festival” of opportunities!

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Garland has your “all-access pass” to the greatest techie hits of the year

For broadcasters, event producers and digital technology professionals, there’s nothing quite like IBC. It’s sort of like an end-of-summer festival for media techies without the mud and rain! Your team at Garland is here to provide you with an “all-access pass” to the best on show at this year’s exhibition.

On the main stage (stand 3.B62) is everyone’s favourite perennial hit maker, LiveU. Each year promises an exciting new innovation, and this year is no exception. To go along with the LU600 — LiveU’s new portable transmission field unit for global newsgathering and live sports and events coverage — they’ve added the HEVC Pro Card, bringing onboard unparalleled video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency.

“Professional broadcasters and content creators have been quick to take up the LU600 since its introduction,” says Malcolm Harland, Managing Director at Garland. “To continue its adoption of the latest encoding standards, the addition of HEVC encoding lets you further optimise quality and cellular cost by having higher compression capability. You can ramp up when you are looking for those high-value, compelling images. You get superior 1080/4K video quality in a fully integrated HEVC video-bonding solution.”

The crowd is sure to be going wild over at the Media Excel stage (stand 14.P05) this year. They’re the leading supplier of multi-screen video encoding/transcoding solutions, powering more than 300-million multi-screen subscribers worldwide. Their products deliver the reliability, scalability and performance required to process high-quality video for head-end and cloud-based workflows.

At IBC, you’ll have a chance to see in action their HERO product line of OTT and 4K encoders/transcoders and decoders for both contribution and distribution workflows. These are available both appliance-based and as a virtual licence for the public or private cloud. Media Excel will be demonstrating adaptive multiscreen OTT delivery including features such as ad signalling/ad insertion, DVB subs for subtitling and HDR (High Dynamic Range). You can also find out more about their partnership with Unified Streaming for mixing HEVC and AVC assets. One HERO encoder delivering multiple technologies.

What’s a festival without a video wall? If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, check out the ICUE-GRID from Teracue (stand 11.D13). Tech fans everywhere have been riveted by their multi-room IP video wall. Imagine a wall of monitors of different sizes and orientations displaying synchronised video output of your choosing. While you’re there, ask them about ENC400 and ENC500  the live-stream transcoders for IPTV headends, OTT broadcast channels and mobile adaptive streaming.

This year, we’re pleased to introduce ATEME (stand 1.D71) to our diehard Garland fans. At IBC, they’ll be showcasing their Kyrion family of contribution encoders and decoders. Moving to converged distribution, as well as the new TITAN family of encoders, ATEME will be demonstrating its new ATEME Management System (AMS), which is based on OpenStack (used as the control layer) and Docker (used as the virtualisation layer) and is now able to orchestrate virtual ATEME micro-services.

Also on show is a 4K video stream that uses the new AV1 codec from the Alliance for Open Media. This has been designed for parallel processing and optimised for OTT delivery, and provides high quality video alongside real-time delivery modes. You also won’t want to miss a demo of ATEME’s Content Adaptive Streaming –  an evolution of the traditional Adaptive Streaming technology currently in use for OTT delivery, providing CDN savings of 30% while maintaining interoperability with end user devices.

Teamcast (stand 2.B51)…even the name sounds like a futuristic rock band. This year, they’ll be highlighting the Vyper 3000. It might sound like some space-age electric guitar, but it’s a is a satellite modulator designed for satellite applications in full compliance with the DVB-S, DVB-DSNG, DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X standards. Still want to turn up the volume? Check out the Dual Vyper —a compact and double satellite modulator based on Vyper recognised technology.

Teamcast will also be demoing their CID receiver — a full standalone DVB receiver which demodulates your satellite signal and simultaneously extract its DVB Carrier ID (CID). It makes it easy to see what channels are being carried on the satellite.

Winding up their set you’ll be entertained by the new SmartGate satellite Gateway, a DVB-S2/S2X satellite modulator with embedded advanced powerful filtering & routing process, layer 2 or 3 optimized encapsulation and full management of PSI/SI tables. SmartGate is a real IP & Ethernet Gateway with ultra-low latency for VSAT.

Techies can’t get enough of NTT Electronics 4K UHD HEVC encoders. Drawing on their long history of leadership in this area, NTT Electronics’ HC11000/HC1000 solutions offers such benefits as: 100 ms low latency; HDR and support for Dolby; multi-channel, IP and ASI output support; 16 x channel audio; HD support on the same platform as HEVC; and H264 legacy support in both full-rack and half-rack options. You gain great performance, high-quality moving image, secure stability, and reliability for world class sporting events, such as the Olympics, World Cup football and motor sports.

And for those of you readying yourselves for 8K, check out the first 8K scalable H.265/HEVC encoder from NTT, which archives real-time encoding of SHD 8K contents with better image quality.

Keeping the party going is what’s important over at Videoflow (stand 3.B56). They’ve found that 85% of broadcasters say service is more important than video quality. VideoFlow helps you boost the reliability of IP networks, including the public Internet, for efficient transport of professional live video. With new tools added to their DVP products’ Service Continuity and Video Quality toolboxes, VideoFlow now offers the world’s best ecosphere to provide a complete solution that maximises broadcast service success over any IP network including the public Internet. You’ll be able to slash costs without sacrificing a single pixel of video quality.

Everyone wants to see what exciting innovation the classic performers have in store. That’s just the case with WISI (stand 5.B50), the pioneer in broadband reception and distribution technology. At IBC, they’ll be showcasing their new Multiscreen Launch Platform (MLP), the ideal OTT solution for high-value Internet video services. This high-density transcoder, packager and origin server in 1RU processes up to 12 HD or 24 SD sources and plays out HLS streams to up to 500 subscribers simultaneously.

WISI’s TANGRAM headend supports the multi-view visual monitoring platform, All Seeing Eye. They’ve doubled QAM channels to 12 for each module, increased IP inputs to up to 128 streams per module, and raised data processing throughput to up to 1.7 Gbps.  And their new professional broadcast platform FIREFLY solution uses their HLS-receiver/modulator for cost-effective and robust linear TV delivery to head-ends over the Internet.

Still ready to keep partying? Then head over to talk with Keepixo (stand 1.C29), a leading provider of software-based and cloud-ready head-end solutions for IPTV and OTT. Their team of experts will be showcasing the company’s constantly improving encoding products, focusing on CMAF and its iOS compatibility for HEVC. Keepixo will also be introducing its unique Capped ABR technology for high-efficiency H.264 encoding, allowing you to gain bandwidth and CDN costs savings. The OTT packaging specialist, they’ll be demonstrating their newest additions to cover the OTT spectrum. It’s all the subtleties — ranging from different subtitle formats to integration with the ecosystem , such as Ad Insertion — that are the key factors for a successful OTT platform.

So, now that we’ve shown you that they’ll be something in the line-up for everyone at this year’s IBC 2017, why not mark the 15th to 19th of September in your calendars now and start making plans to attend at RAI in Amsterdam. In fact, why not take a minute to register here, then email us to set up a meeting.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this VIP look into what the best acts on show at this year’s IBE. We promise you’ll be singing the praises of these latest and greatest chart-topping solutions long after you leave the venue.

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