Drunk History wows on Facebook Live

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The Comedy Central team took a LiveU unit to a pub quiz to stream live to Facebook, and the result was comedy gold.

Where can you find history being made about asking questions about history? Wait. Is that a confusing question or have I been drinking?

The answer to the latter question is most likely “yes.” The answer to the first question is: Comedy Central’s Drunk History pub quiz streamed live to Facebook.

To clarify, let me back up a few drinks.

One evening in March, Comedy Central had the seriously earth-shattering idea to marry its hugely popular Drunk History programme with that adored, quintessentially British pastime, the pub quiz. Could there possible be anything better than watching host Russell Kane ask questions of reality TV stars Charlotte Crosby and Jamie Laing, comedians Judi Love, Iain Stirling, and Tom Rosenthal, and social media sensation Arron Crascall as they continued to imbibe over the course of the quiz? Well, actually, yes — you could also do it live over Facebook for the first time ever for the whole world to see.

So, how did they do that? (Here’s where you really need to pay attention, because this historical technical event will most likely end up on a quiz at your local pub soon.) They used a thing called a LiveU LU500 unit. To put it simply … because I am moving along in the drink line-up of this story … it’s this device that fits into a backpack and attaches to a camera operator’s camera so that video can stream live to TV, mobile, online and social media. Phew. Long sentence. But it’s not much more complicated than that, really. It’s pretty cool.

I’m going to turn this part of the story over to my buddy Dave here at Garland because he was sober at the time of the live stream. Well, he had to be because he was doing a very serious job.

“The Comedy Central team streamed the event from an LU500 cellular uplink device into a hosted LiveU server at our office,” says Dave Fowler, Technical Manager.  “We were able to consistently maintain an 8.5 to 9 Mbps stream over the mobile phone data networks from the venue. The LiveU server then live streamed an RTMP feed to the Comedy Central Facebook page.”

Isn’t Dave great? He’s so good at this stuff.

Now, you really should hear from our friend Tom McMillen, the Production Director at Comedy Central . He’s pretty terrif..  terrif… great, too. He’s going to tell you how lots and lots and lots of people got to watch this and laugh themselves silly.

“Streaming out Drunk History live over Facebook was by far the most successful digital only promotion we’ve ever done for Comedy Central,” says Tom. “The Facebook feed had a total of 79,000 views of the live stream, with the total views including VOD, at almost 200,000 views . Using the LiveU LU500 was easy. Our one-hour programme was perfectly delivered live at a fraction of the setup costs of a traditional OB.”

Thanks Tom. I couldn’t have said that better myself. No really — at this point, I literally couldn’t have said it at all.

Now, if you missed the show, don’t worry. You can watch it right here. Sorry, I meant here. But it won’t be live this time. It’s now history. But it’s still very funny.

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