How to draw more viewers to your live events

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With Media Excel’s clipping function, you can immediately post highlights of live events and draw viewers to your live stream.

You’re all set to live stream your much-anticipated event to huge audiences. But to really capture the audience’s attention, you need the ability to bring them the highlights of what’s happening live. Not only does this build engagement, it boosts your opportunities for increased revenue. Media Excel’s clipping function is designed to help you do this.

A football team scores an amazing goal. A concert audience reacts wildly to a special guest joining their favourite band on stage. A news story is breaking fast and you are on scene. You can live stream this and more. But to draw audiences to your streaming site, with Media Excel, you can post snippets of what’s happening onto your social media outlets or your website. In doing so, you instantly promote to new audiences, offering them a chance to see more. You build potential revenue streams: viewers are enticed to your full live stream site. Other media outlets are contacting you for a chance to purchase your coverage and share your feed. Advertisers are clamoring to take real estate on your site.

What’s exciting about using the clipping function is you no longer have to wait until the end of your live event before you can edit the recorded video. The clipping function can immediately extract the clip of the live video content you want to highlight, while the live stream continues uninterrupted and at the same high level of quality. You also gain a fast turnaround of the live video for your on-demand content immediately after the event ends.

“With Media Excel’s clipping function, you cache HLS segments [the technology for adaptively streaming to Apple devices] onto the encoder. Once encoded and delivered, you can pull those cached segments and stitch them together to make a single mp4 file,” explains Malcolm Harland, Managing Director at Garland. “Media Excel’s interface is easy to use, and also supports multi-track audio.”

To discover more about adding this function to your live streams, contact your Garland team today.

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