Deutsche Glasfaser select Media Excel encoders for expansion of IPTV services in Germany

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Garland team provides technical testing assistance in solution designed to bring IPTV services to new markets.

Fiber-optics telecommunications company Deutsche Glasfaser is expanding its IPTV service offerings across Germany, with a particular focus on ensuring rural areas have access to best in class fiber-to-the-home (FttH) services. The company has chosen to include Media Excel encoders as an integral part of achieving these expansion plans.

Deutsche Glasfaser has since been successfully rolling out its FttH networks in in Germany since the company’s founding in 2011, quickly becoming a leading competitor in the market.  Their offerings also include a full IPTV service — DGTV. DGTV currently provides a wide range of German and International (HD-)TV and Radio channels, as well as innovative functions such as  the DGTV Go App, time shifting, cloud recording, replay TV and access to video-on-demand (VoD) libraries.

The technical experts at Garland, specialists in IP digital video streaming and IPTV solutions, worked with the team at Deutsche Glasfaser, to bring the use of Media Excel’s HERO encoders into their IPTV technical solution for expansion.  The encoding platform offers a wide set of features in addition to excellent future proofing and superb local technical support. The Garland team provided technical support throughout the three-month testing phase designed to ensure a seamless customer experience on roll-out.

HERO offers unique features that we knew could be of benefit to Deutsche Glasfaser in their expansion plans,” says Lorna Garrett, Commercial Director at Garland. “One benefit is the ability to convert from DVBSubs to ISMT providing player-switchable subtitles. Users can take advantage of an upgrade path to HEVC and SMPTE-2022 support. HERO’s powerful management and redundancy systems, provides flexibility, density and high-quality transcoding.”

“We’re very pleased with the options the Media Excel encoders provide and the support we received from Garland,” says Niels Jonkman, Business Manager at Deutsche Glasfaser. “Ultimately, this is about continuing to provide our customers with the best service, including quality and choice, that we can. We are pleased that we are able to maintain the high standard we have set.”

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