For over eight decades WISI has been among the worldwide pioneers of receiving and distributing technology. As a system provider in the product areas of CATV technology, receiving and distribution technology, mobile communication and high-frequency assemblies WISI have learned during this period not only to maintain the lead in technological development but to continually implement visions into new quality products.
The converging media, new multi-media choices and broadband services demand intelligent transport routes for their distribution. As a developer and technology supplier for the key areas of communication WISI are committed to innovation, now and in the future.

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TANGRAM Platform

Chassis - The WISI TANGRAM video platform is a high-density digital TV headend for contribution of digital TV to IPTV and RF networks.

GT 31 W

DVB Gateway - The GT 31 W module allows you to add up to 4 DVB- transport streams per module to your network.

GT 32 W

Video Gateway - The GT32W module allows you to add up to 4 ASI streams input or output per module to your network.

GT 41

Signal Processing - GT41 is an IP processing module for multiplexing/ remultiplexing MPTS <> SPTS streams.

GT 42 W

Signal Processor - The GT42 W is a CA descrambler which can be combined with other Tangram modules to descramble encrypted DVB Transport streams

GT 23 W

DVB Modulator : The GT 23 W module provides the conversion from IP signals to QAM channels (digital TV programms).

GT 24 W

DVB Modulator - The GT 24 W allows you to add up to 8 channels in COFDM (DVB-T) format per module to your RF network.


Signal Processor - The Chameleon module GN HWUW2 covers nearly all functions for cable TV and SMATV.


The Chameleon Encoder is a professional and high density HD/SD audio & video encoding device which adds the feature of MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 encoding to the Chameleon product line.


The Chameleon Series is multi functioning system for any DVB or headend environment. With fully configurable and multi-purpose functions across blades. It is the swiss-army knife of head-ends.