Keepixo, the spin-off of Allegro DVT’s broadcast business, is a leading provider of software-based and cloud-ready head-end solutions for IPTV & OTT.

Keepixo offers live encoders, file-based video transcoders and delivery solutions featuring advanced functions such as Catch-Up, Start-Over and nPVR.

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AL2000 Live

Transcoder - AL2000 Ingests MPEG-TS/IP or HD-SDI and delivers H.264 or H.265/HEVC for OTT TV in multiple formats and renditions.


Encoder - Keepixo's AL2000-UHD Live UHD HEVC encoder for OTT TV & IPTV. H.265/HEVC.


Origin Server - Live OTT Packager and Recording Server for operators, OTT and Catch-Up TV providers.


Mosaic Generator - Keepixo’s ALMosaic is an IP Multiviewer. Turn-key 1RU for OTT & IPTV.

Genova Live

Transcoder - Keepixo's Genova Live is a Live Software Multiscreen Encoder for OTT TV & IPTV.

Genova File

File Transcoder - Genova File is a virtualisable software for encoding VOD assets to H.264 or HEVC, up to 4K UHD.

Genova Origin

Origin Server - Virtualisable software implementing the three functions required by any OTT TV system.

Genova Mosaic

Mosaic Generator - Genova Mosaic is a virtualisable software designed for generating a mosaic channel.

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Keepixo solutions are used by more than 130 customers including 40 tier-1 operators worldwide.

Keepixo offers a complete range of components that broadcasters and service providers need for creating their OTT TV preparation & delivery chain.