Bonded Cellular Uplink


Bonded Cellular Uplink - The LU600 is the flagship portable video uplink device from LiveU, incorporating LiveU's patented reliable transmission protocol.


Bonded Cellular Uplink - The LU500 offers complete portability of video transmission, without compromising video quality or functionality.


Encoder - The LU210 is a single channel, rack mount encoder.


Encoder - The LU220 expands on the LU210 platform by offering two independent encoders in the same 1U chassis. `


Bonded Cellular Uplink - The LU710 is the next generation 1U rack mount encoder supporting HEVC encoding up to 4K UHD resolution.


Bonded Cellular Uplink - The LU200 is the ultra-small field unit that allows cost-effective live or file video transmission from anywhere.


Bonded Cellular Uplink - The LU700 is the 1U rack mount encoder, offering H.264 encoding and LRT transmission over multiple bonded connections. Perfect for SNG trucks or fixed installations.


Bonded Cellular Uplink - LU-Solo is a revolutionary way to transmit live over social media or your CDN of choice. Easy to use, high quality and portable; transmit live into Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.


Bonded Cellular Uplink - The Xtender is an external modem array for the LiveU portable series of products, giving the portable products up to 6 extra cellular datapaths. Tripod or Vehicle mounted.


Bonded Cellular Uplink - LU-Smart transforms your smartphone into a portable LiveU uplink device. Transmit over 4G or WiFi with complete portability.


Bonded Cellular Uplink - LU-Lite transforms your Apple Mac into a portable LiveU uplink device. Transmitting over 4G, WiFI and LAN connections utilising LiveU's LRT protocol


Bonded Cellular Uplink - Databridge software service option transforms the LU200,LU500 or LU600 into a portable internet source. Perfect for use on the road or at a venue where fixed Ethernet may not be available.