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Product Overview

Teracue - XPlayer

PC and Laptop Live Stream Viewing Application

Key Features

Teracue's XPlayer Software is a stand-alone stream player application for viewing LIVE streams on PCs. It is designed for viewing and selecting from any available live streams on your network, without any rights and permission management. In this case, no streaming server is necessary.

Teracue's XPlayer Software is the ideal application for receiving and viewing live streams that originate from encoders. Simply enable to view: Live TV channels, executive speeches, or any other video signals - directly at their desktop workplace.

Standalone XPlayer is fully compatible to Teracue's ENC-100 encoder streams. Standard
ISO compliant streams from 3rd party encoder vendors are also supported. Its advanced
software decoder ensures high quality stream viewing and low delay playback. Playback of
standard MPEG-2 SD, MPEG-2 HD and H.264 SD video transport streams is supported.
A special feature of this stream player is the fact that it is an embeddable and scriptable
ActiveX component. Next to running it as a standalone player application, it can be
embedded inside HTML pages. This embedding allows for basic customisation
(stream player next to company logo or current web page information). It can
additionally be scripted, e.g. to only receive a certain, fixed live stream. The features
of the player can be limited. Standalone XPlayer runs on Windows 2000 and  XP
based environments. A Linux version is in process.    


  • Automatic 16:9 or 4:3 initialisation
  • Multi MPEG format support
  • Multiple video windows per desktop, multi-source viewing
  • Normal and low delay decoding modes
    End-to-end latency: Normal >1s, Low >600ms
  • Supports Unicast and Multicast traffic
  • Deinterlacing, real-time video cropping, individual volume/mute control per
    XPlayer (multiple XPlayers per desktop)
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