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'Prototype 2' game launched in London's Covent Garden using live actors

LiveU Used to Uplink First-Ever Live Advert to Gamers

News Release: 23 April 2012

When Activision and Radical Entertainment were looking for ways to launch the sequel to the best-selling open-world action game, Prototype, they knew they needed something unique to capture the attention of their audience of UK gamers over age 18. The answer: a live, outdoor advert created and streamed to their target market from London’s Covent Garden using the power of LiveU 3G uplink capabilities supplied by Garland Partners.

With Prototype 2, gamers are introduced to a protagonist with unparalleled new shapeshifting powers.  So, setting this game apart from the crowd of others out there meant reaching out to the potential audience in a way that was equally technologically innovative. On April 22, actors in Covent Garden recreated scenes from the game that result in a battle between the protagonist James Heller and his nemesis Alex Mercer.  For those unable to witness the event in person, the advert was streamed live onto the game’s official Facebook page.  The audience even had the chance to vote for the battle’s outcome—they chose Mercer.

Webcasting and live event solution providers Vualto ( with digital agency Five by Five and website designers Staak to get the event to its audience. Camera operators were equipped with a LiveU backpack supplied by Garland Partners that enabled the captured video to be transferred via 3G mobile uplink technology back into Vualtos webcasting platform and live out onto  the web.

While most online publishers find satellite too expensive, LiveU's robust cellular uplink backpacks are significantly more cost-effective and provide satellite-like quality. In addition, LiveU frees your web streaming from Ethernet dependency allowing you to go anywhere you chose—such as staging this live advert in the middle of Covent Garden—and start streaming live video straight to your website!

An archive of the event is available for viewing at

However, please remember that the content is only suitable for those over the age of 18.

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