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Content Creation

 With the increasing range of video-source formats, players and appliances, different codecs have evolved that need to be supported for various target markets. As such, content creation can present a logistical challenge for content owners who may have many hours of video to prepare for delivery.

As media organisations race to satisfy viewers' demands for more and better video programming, encoding, storage, packaging and distribution, workloads are increasing and costs becoming prohibitive. Advanced transcoding automation tools and techniques are necessary to keep these costs minimised. Stand-alone single-node or advanced grid-based solutions that give the necessary scale for effective content creation have become available, and these have developed to support complex encoding solutions, such as Smooth/Adaptive streaming and iPhone and 3GPP mobile support. Protection of content is key: these content creation solutions are available with advanced encryption schemes

Garland Partners provides expert advice that will dramatically improve your workflow, especially if you have high-volume encoding needs. Working with the leading suppliers and technical partners, we will advise you on the best content creation solution to use to produce high-quality video files for archiving or playback on a wide range of players.



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