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Cisco Transcode Manager (formerly Inlet Armada)

High Volume Transcoding

Cisco Transcode Manager (formerly Inlet's Armada) is a revolutionary workflow management system that automates the entire file preparation process, eliminating many of the stove-pipes and manual steps required by traditional approaches. Ideal for high-volume encoding environments, Armada's multi-format, multi-CPU, high-output architecture can manage your entire workflow, or plug into your existing asset management tools.

The Cisco Transcode Manager system is made up of four separately licensed nodes: Server, Analysis, Encode, and Post-Encode. The modular approach of Cisco Transcode Manager allows you to easily design the media processing system that is right for your specific workflow.

Features & Benefits

  • End-to-end transcoding workflow management with intelligent load balancing – significantly improves the capacity and throughput of your video preparation process.
  • Full support for adaptive bitrate protocols
    • Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming for VC-1
    • Microsoft PlayReady DRM support for Smooth Streaming
    • Apple iPhone Adaptive Bit Rate segmentation for H.264 encoding with MPEG-2 Transport Streams
    • Encryption support for iPhone output
  • Automated QC, analysis and decision making – helps make important
    encoding decisions, keeping valuable time and resources from being
    wasted on faulty source material.
  • Encodes video to all the popular delivery formats you need to support –
    including Web, mobile, television, IPTV, DVD, and Blu-Ray Disc.
  • Robust reporting tools – make it easier to quickly account for the work
    completed, bill customers, identify problems, and track trends.
  • Module based – can work end-to-end or be customised to integrate into
    your existing environment.
  • Integration – with digital rights management and publishing tools
  • Fathom Integration – with the Fathom product line.

Cisco Transcode Manager is unique in its comprehensive ability to automate the entire
transcoding workflow, across the pre-encoding, encoding and post-encoding phases.

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